You easily forget? Read this

You easily forget? Careful, it could be the capacity of your brain begins to decrease. To prevent it, you can do a simple aktivias but supports the health of your brain. Men’s Health sites share the following tips:

You easily forget Read this

1. Occasionally, opposed to routine activities You Try brushing your teeth with your left hand (if you’re not a lefty), jogging backwards, and pursue other things that force you to stray from your daily pattern. Thus, you will stimulate new parts of your brain, pushing to create a new connection.

2. Sirami mind you your brain is 80 percent water, and if not hydrated, Your neurons are not able to do well. Drink eight glasses of water a day and avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine.

3. Rest your eyes seven hours a day Science indicates that people who slept for seven hours, shows the brain activity is significantly more than those who don’t. Lack of sleep inhibits concentration, learning, and memory.

4. create a “snoring” your brain breathe slowly, so that your stomach (not your chest) up, and then say the one word you exhale. Repeat for 10 minutes. How is believed to make the brain more quiet.

5. Limit TV time watching Men who watched TV for more than two hours a day have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s than those who watched the least.

6. Menarilah Multiple activities stimulate the various systems of the brain, but not as good as dancing. Dancing requires everything from coordination and organization of the brain for planning and assessment.

7. Read the reading is good for your brain only if the activity involves storing and retrieving information. That’s why the group reads very rewarding. And social aspects of the book adds another dynamic cognitive function.

8. The opponents of pain by means of an intelligent man who took the Painkiller ibuprofen-based is 44 percent lower to develop Alzheimer’s than those who did not, according to a new study. Also be careful with acetaminophen. This will interfere with liver function, reduces the production of the body of antioxidants glutathione, which is important for brain function.

9. Kill negative thinking negative thoughts is responsible for anxiety. They also increase the production of stress hormones, which kills brain cells. Each time a negative thought enters your mind, write it down and put together a plan to fix it.

10. Bercintalah man fuck at least twice a week was 50 percent lower for having a heart attack than those who had sex less frequently, say scientists. This is important as more and more evidence supporting the simple fact: what is good for the heart, good for the brain. Sex is also releasing chemicals ‘ feel-good ‘ against stress.

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