What Is Biogreen Science?

What Is Biogreen Science?
What Is Biogreen Science
PT. Nusantara Organic Bio or much known as Biogreen Science is a company engaged in the field of health and beauty. Biogreen Science itself has its head office in Jakarta, Menara Imperium, precisely in the way HR Rasuna Said Kav 1 LG LG 09 – 11, South Jakarta. But for agents and stockis has spread in many parts of Indonesia as well as overseas. The company d Lead by Mr. Larry Widjaja, has an incredible range of products, working closely with Switzerland, Mibelle, that much we know is a great company and has been reliable in doing research a variety of great products and many in the know.

Product from PT. Bio Organic merupakan produsen biogreen gold yang medistribusikan semua produk biogreen Archipelago there are some sorts and include several categories to address health problems. Like Apple Stemcell Plus one more focused on the health of the skin and also SC Bio Serum that also perwatan focuses on skin but for the outside, but in terms of quality, you have to prove themselves his prowess. Is it just for beauty? No, BioGreen also has one more excellent products that focus on fitness issues and also the vitality, this product can also take advantage of you as a therapy and efforts to those of you who are still constrained get children.
What are the active ingredients or Composition of Products Biogreen Science?
1. PhytoCellTec ™ Malus Domestica

PhytoCellTec ™ Malus Domestica is a liposomal active ingredients made from stem cells of Apple Uttwiler Spatlauber.


Apple stemcell

Uttwiler Spatlauber is Switzerland long varieties, which is very rare nowadays. Apple is famous for its wonderful because it can be stored for a long period, but was eventually knocked out by sweet apples because it tastes bitter. Because it can be stored for a long time without being dull or loses the mind feels, obviously Apple has special ingredients, especially long-lived stem cells. And longevity is what becomes special interest researchers at Mibelle Biochemistry.

Plant stem cell for skin stem cells

Development of innovative technology PhytoCellTec ™ allows plant stem cells to grow on a large scale. It is also possible to grow plants effectively rare and endangered species such as the Uttwiler Spatlauber. PhytoCellTec ™ first provides stem cell plants for cosmetics.

The effect of

Mibelle Biochemistry were able to prove in a comprehensive study that PhytoCellTec ™ Malus Domestica, the active ingredients made from stem cells apples, increase vitality and longevity stem cells of the skin, protecting it from the ravages of stress because of the environment so as to delay the aging process of cells.

Anti wrinkle effect

Anti wrinkle effect PhytoCellTec ™ Malus Domestica was examined in clinical trials with 20 subjects (aged 37 to 64). Emulsion with PhytoCellTec ™ 2% Malus Domestica smeared on parts of wrinkles for more than 28 days. The results show a very significant decrease can be seen on the wrinkles in 100% of the subject. (see picture)

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