type color of running text

Its Running The

— Color of the LED

Color Single Color :
type color of running text
Color Full Color :

* 1 COLOR : Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White
* 2 COLOR : Red-Green ( Yellow colour will show up when the colors Red And Green on at the same time )
* Full Color ( RGB ) / Videotron : Red, Green, Blue ( can produce varied colors ) often used to videotron.
— Number of row : max 2 lines
— To display proportional :
( depending on the size of the font/type of text ), ( depending on the choice of the size of the text )
— Cashing Alumunium + Acrilyc / Glass
— Interface USB ( the flash ) + CD program ( Software ) + Books Guide
— Warranty 1 year
— Size Of Base

1 Block Module an LED =
Long x High = ←32cm→ x ↑16cm ↓
( the size of the display 32 x 16 pixels ) 1pixel = 1cm2

Kind of Running The split in 2 that :
1. Semi-Outdoor ( An Indoor )
2. Full Outdoor
Difference Semi-Outdoor ( an indoor ) & Full Outdoor for Running The LED like komponen running text murah – Semi-Outdoor ( an indoor ) : In pairs for places that don’t deal directly with the sun ( in pairs in a room )
example :
– Full Outdoor : Can you put it on the outside exposed to the sun can still be read clearly, it says that incandescent light is very bright & anti exposed to water rain.

Components Running The
Running The consists of few components, which are :

MODULE is a Module or a series of LED displays that are already tersusun be 1 part whole become 1 segment

CONTROLLERS is a device function set the work and relationships of the whole series of LED in 1 devices running the.

POWER SUPPLIES are the supplies electrical power from a source of electric current to the LED. power supplies holding role important in the age of the LED, where power supplies are nice really gives resources according to capacity LED displays the.
3. Friendly Environment
Light LED not dazzling and comfortable in the eyes. LED also doesn’t cause heat like generated lights used even though it is kindled some time.
An LED doesn’t produce light UV and geothermal energy,
the production of the LED also doesn’t use mercury so it is safe for the environment.

Specs Running the Spesifikai about Running The LED …

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