The definition of Creativity according some people

Creativity is a factor that exists in someone else and it’s often said as a light on her so it’s hard to control or fishing a creativity someone.

Therefore, until recently there were only a few little penelitan done on a creativity someone on account of by the factor. But that doesn’t mean creativity doesn’t have a meaning, here is the understanding and definition of creativity put forth by some experts :

Priest Musbikin : According to Musbikin creativity is an ability in eliciting an idea, see a new contact unexpected before, or an ability in making a formula against the concept of certain.

The definition of Creativity according to the experts

The definition of Creativity according to the experts.

Sternberg : Creativity according to Sternberg is the point of meeting of three things which is a symbol of the psychological someone that’s personality, intelegensi, and also the kognitif.

Utami Munandar : Understanding creativity put forth by Utami Munandar is the ability of the public in creating a new thing, well in that case give you an idea of the new that can to be applied in a matter or in view of the relationship-the relationship is new between the elements are already there.

The Baron : the Baron explains creativity as the ability in creating or producing a thing new.
Mangunhardjana : Creativity is an activity that produces something useful, better, having the nature of the ease, organise, develop, reduce, in some problems there is.

Supriyadi : Supriyadi explained that creativity is a gift possessed someone to create something new, it can be an idea or piece of work that has properties different with what’s seblumnya. Supriyadi also explained that creativity is the ability to think are high.

Rhodes : Creativity is defined by Rhodes is a thing where there are four elements in it namely, Individual, Process, Support, and Products. An individual in this case has a creativity that will involve him in a process of creative with it comes with the support of the neighborhood, which eventually will produce a product creative.
Clark Moustakis : Moustakis explain creativity as an experience poured in the form of an expression or aktualisasi somebody has to be the form of an integrated in relation to yourself or with other people.

Haefele : Creativity according Haefel is the ability in making a combination just contained the meaning of the social in it.

Hullbeck : Hullbeck propose creativity as an act of creativity comes from a unique private person in the interaction the person with the environment.

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Of some notions and definitions put forth by experts is in explaining the meaning of creativity, it can be deduced that the understanding and definition of creativity is the ability in creating something new, where there are the process of construction the idea of someone being original and innovative is then applied in solving one issue in particular, as well as activities that’re benefits.

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