The Condition Of The batu malang

The Condition Of The batu malang –┬áThe Rock was the place where the bergunung with the conditions of nature that winter tend to be cold. If the city of Bogor, known as the tour Peaks, nor the city of Purwokerto, known as the area Baturaden, then this area is area is cool for the town Poor. If the aim on vacation, very rarely a visitor that does not come to the Rock. Especially when most of the object’s interesting to be in that area.

The Condition Of The batu malang

waterfall in the rock

Coban Talun
Park Recreation Sengkaling. The location of the rides tour this was on the border of the region of Rock city Poor. As for what’s on offer in the park recreational sengkaling is dominated by the water park, such as: pool, bike the water, the launch pad, a shower, and others. There are also the rides home a ghost, zone game, bomb-bomb car, comedy turn, train the children, and windmill. Also there are facilities for sports that Sengkaling Fitness Center, and for the amusement provided cinema 4D, as well as collection of wildlife, and the food court. Facilities provided in the Park Recreational Sengkaling very complete and enough to satisfy and indulge the visitors. Don’t compare the water park with Ciputra Waterpark being the place to tour popular in Surabaya, because the size of the vast area and the kind of the game is different. But Sengkaling quite famous and became one of the best in the region Poor.

waterpark on the poor

Rock Night Spectacular. A place of recreation new in Stone, exactly located in the Village of Oro-Oro Ombo. Travel menuhu BNS using the vehicle personally takes no more than 15 minutes from the city centre. According to his name, Stone Night Spectacular (BNS) is a place of tourist family in the Poor that can only be enjoyed at night, open starts at 15.00 to 24.00. There’s dozens of the rides interesting like a gallery ghost, a slalom test, bike air supreme, lampion garden and the trampoline. In the object BNS this You can also test the adrenaline to try some of the rides interesting, like a drag race, mouse coaster, and some another game. Too much the rides are specifically provided for children such as kids zone which consists of 25 pieces.

rock night spectacular

BNS Rock poor
Jatim Park. The place is very popular this splits into two region which is Jatim park 1 and Jatim Park 2. Both are facing two different roads. If you want to visit Jatim park 1, then aim your vehicle towards the Kartika no 2. Whereas if you want to visit Places tour Jatim Park 2, then you can road through Oro-oro Ombo no 9, Rock. The difference the two is in terms of the concept of the entertainment. If the first prefers serunya 36 the rides fun game, for the second more prefers tour of education and science between the wildlife, the Rock the Secret Zoo and Tree Inn Hotel. Highly recommended to visit both if you’re on vacation in the areas of the Poor.
tour jatim park

Jatim Park
Eco Green Park. Place tour is giving a lesson of how we as human beings should be able to row and preserve nature as well as using recycled into the form of a new can help use. Location Eco Green Park Stone Poor shared in-body cast. Oro-oro Ombo no p .. 9A. Ticket in his pretty cheap, that’s it for the weekday Rp.40.000, whereas for the weekend and the big day pegged at the price of Rp. 60.000. You can visit with and enjoy the tour Jatim Park 2 by buying tickets for the canal. Available also a complete package with all at once can enjoy the rides BNS (Rock Night Spectacular) in the Evening. The rides unggulan here is the House Upside down, Jungle Adventure with collection animals as well as a replica of some temple famous in Indonesia.

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