profits to buy a house directly to the developer

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Finding a home through the developer is the most common way to do urban communities. But keep careful – careful not to be fooled. Here are 10 tips on buying a home in developers who need to be understood.

There are 13 million people who need housing in Indonesia.

How do they have a home?

The most common way is to buy in housing built by the developer.

It’s a profitable way for:

First, the easiest. You do not have to bother looking for land, and do not have to build. The house has been built by the developer.

Second, this housing area generally has a well-integrated with the landscape and supporting facilities were adequate.

Thirdly, can be purchased with a mortgage. The majority of developers in cooperation with banks to provide loan facilities to own a home. It fits the profile of buyers 70% made a purchase with a credit.

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