Place Tour The Popular in Bandung

Place Tour The Popular in Bandung
Place Tour The Popular in Bandung
Children Playground
Kiddy Pool
Buggy Family
Aqua boot
Segway tour of the park Farm Elephant.
Sky view with a blimp
Sky rider
Pool waves (wave pool)
Octopus Racer
Bungee Trampoline

With many of the facilities and the rides of the game will be provided by pengelola tour Village Elephant waterboom, it’s like time used could be all day from morning until night. Especially if coupled with sampling the variety of cuisine in like tematik are well-in Lembang. So if you’re looking for lodging around the road sergeant Bajuri to keasyikan play in this place could be the maximum. This place be an alternate spoil your child than a visit to the zoo or to play à la coboy in de’ranch Lembang.

Please use our guide map below to make it easy on the way to where the interesting and most popular, which is waterboom Village Elephant Wonderland in Lembang Bandung.

Information 7th place tour of nature that we want to distribute this time is popular and is in the region of Bandung. The city is known with the type of object holiday that is often visited by tourists either domestic or mancanegara. To categorize specifically, we are trying menjembatani desire visitors looking for information tour nature in the capital Java Western, namely the city of Bandung. Here’s the info the best we can give to you.

As for the object of nature become a place of tourist popular in the region of Bandung and between:

Tour the Tankuban Boat. The location of the object exciting it was in Lembang can be taken in about 1 hour from the city of Bandung until the peak, if the journey doesn’t delay traffic. There are three craters which favorite visited by tourists, but only the crater of the queen are the most popular.
Crater White Ciwidey. Still in the location of the district Bandung, this place is very popular especially for couples who are looking for a location photo pre wedding. If you are interested in visiting the crater of white, then time travel is around 1 hour journey using a car.

crater white bandung

Crater White Ciwidey
There Patenggang. Sightseeing this universe are in the area Ciwidey and used to be a visit a second after Crater White. This is caused by the condition of the Crater of White often rains in the afternoon or the afternoon. Besides a visit to there Patenggang it was better at the end of the visit, given its location which is quite vast and requires a special time for you to get around the lake this beautiful.
Waterfalls Maribaya. Natural beauty of this place is the discharge of water large enough and high. Waterfall Maribaya be in the area Lembang and time travel to this place in less than an hour travel using the car. That’s only if you don’t dihadang congestion around the terminal Laborer Bandung or in the market.
Curug Malela. Place tour this was in Bandung West, precisely in the region of Cavity – Gununghalu. Was on the way to Curug Malela’s really hard, but everything is “paid off” when you see the fabulous beauty of the water falls is wide like the Niagara Falls. Are you interested in visiting? Make sure physical you strong enough to walk to Curug Malela.

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