My Bad Experience stay at a cheap hotel / homestay

My Bad experience stay at a cheap hotel

As already had me tell you before, once I seek Siantar Dykes lodging around the Terminal Parluasan. I was deliberately seeking a lodging location is not in the city center, but close to the terminal with the hope that the next morning I was able to quickly get the bus to the terrain without complicated looking for transportation from the terminal to the city.

when hotel di jombang murah So far every time backpacking I never booking lodging in advance. I would almost certainly go show to get lodgings. Do I need to do is just register a variety of valuable if lodging is cheap. On the way in this also the same Siantar Dykes. I get info if there is a guest house located near the terminal. Turns out I just know if terminal in that there are two Dykes Siantar i.e. Terminal Parluasan and Terminal Promontory Edge. On the info I get is not mentioned there is the guest house near the terminal. From there bingunglah me because it’s been looking fro there did not meet too.

Since it’s been stuck searching for the guest house so I decided to look for any lodging near the Terminal Parluasan, the important thing is cheap and I can rest. It is not difficult to find lodging close to the Terminal Parluasan. Near the highway in front of where I get off the bus there is a penginalan, but on the path there are also entry somewhat. Since I’ve been the road rather sign in then I boarded an Inn located on the street of unity. The location is very close to the terminal. It has three or four floors if I am not wrong. Once inside I was somewhat confused because the dong on the ground floor which is usually used as a lobbying agent counters even as the bus. The Inn does not reflect at all is anyway. With a doubt I ask the bus counter officers and I were escorted to meet the owner of the Inn, a woman aged about 35 years maybe more. Apparently her lodgings there began the second floor to the top floor.

After seeing the very simple and even arguably ugly because of the insulation between rooms using just plywood, a lot of tambalannya. Facilities in the form of an outside bathroom and without the fan. I then asked about the price. Pretty impressive track record, prices permalam just pegged 30,000. I was immediately mengiyakan, anyway it’s only for one night. Moreover, the price is very cheap, where else can I get the cheapest lodging this right?

Originally the hell dont exist. After paying my bag and put it directly into the city streets like Siantar Dykes to the statue of the goddess of Kwan Im, Simalungun Museum, and to the city centre. Satisfied my streets back to the residence time of night already, well here’s the weirdness going on. Hohoo.. As usual, I immediately entered the room. But that night the door closed I dont accidentally let air get in because the room a bit stuffy. All of a sudden popped lah two women from the next room went in my room. They casually standing at the door to my room while I was engrossed in my camera snapshots to see results. One person is the owner of the Inn that accepts my last lunch, while another may be his friend. Shortly thereafter they began to say hello ….

“Aja nih bang Alone?”, the owner of lodging begin talks.

“Iya alone wrote,” I replied.

“Want to ditemenin not?”, timpalnya more …

Jegeeeer.. It was like lightning struck as asked that way. Haha … Of course I emphatically reject their offer. But it looks like they hold only flirts with utter words that are quite vulgar. The original fair deg-degan also my kayak gini nih digodain. Usual godain but if digodain even the dead lice … Wkwkkwkwk … Severe deh these GALs, Ramadan gini aja still on sale. What is not there are raids Satpol PP Yes in Siantar? Tetep lah I decline even though they try to seduce. I cuekin aja deh, ostensibly busy with playing the camera. Eventually they go also … Hoho … … So they go I immediately shut the door. Horrified if there’s a devil nyamperin again … 😀

I started to close my eyes because I’ve started dont karuan feels. New sleep I woke up briefly because it was raining very heavily accompanied by lightning. Wind is also fairly kenceng. Oddly enough wind kerasa banget kok goes into the room, huh? Turns out after I take a look behind the curtains, there are several glass nako already broke. Fortunately gordennya thick enough so the fair could wind nahan. Fortunately again, rain water is not to get into the room.

I again closed my eyes when the rain started to subside, but it seems the suffering not only to stay there only. I can not sleep because of the room on the right and left like vying issued a strange noises. Starting from bed to deritan sound also sounds a sigh. Whoa this case mah … Moreover, the screen between rooms with plywood. Automatic sound from the next room cannot be unavoidable. Pengen cepet cepet it feels in the morning and escaped from the residence. Haha … Finally I did not sleep until the morning and choose turn on the netbook for just online. Fortunately smart signal is available with either here. So I immediately ahead of the morning bath only and immediately check out of the Inn to go to Medan.

Well the bottom line anyway I dont recommend this Inn even though the price is very cheap. In addition to being a sordid lodging seems so subscriptions driver-driver trucking Terminal in Parluasan, it’s also very uncomfortable. It could just be the weird voices will accompany you throughout the night and make you can not sleep. Anyways her lodgings can say dirty, as well as the bathrooms. It would be better if you are looking for lodging in the city alone that cost 80,000-100,000. A little bit expensive but could make a good night’s sleep. Oh yes, as the info name is Malinda her lodgings located in Union Street no. 52 Dykes Siantar, right at the corner of Terminal Parluasan.. If you want to try there best ya. If I still get … Hahai..

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