Massaging the skin of the fingertip, fading rash

Massaging the skin of the fingertip, fading rash, the preparation for the tan … the Siegertrio care for you shines in the summer.

Prepare yourself now your skin to the sun and heat. Simple steps to the reach of all.

Automassages: repulpez with the fingertips

“Skin, the faded thickens the skin becomes thinner and the dermis,” says Odile Vilain, physiotherapists.

Only with the fingertips, we can tissue, to stimulate, to tone, to restore, where there is none and the flexibility of the surface.

Your recommendations for a simple and effective self-massage, regardless of the face: Make a flat Hand to the tissue to hold and mold with the other Hand, by Smoothing from the inside to the outside and / or bottom up.

“The principle is to get the skin to work deep, but now, without Pulling in all directions. “

For the eye gently around the eye sockets, turn in one direction, then in the other.

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Massaging the skin of the fingertip, fading rash

Dietary supplements: Haul, before the time

The “healthy glow” capsules, all have the same goal: to make the skin with the first rays of the sun to prepare together give a “Sunburst” encourage the Melanin to rise.

Ideally, you should have three types of ingredients:

and moisturizers.
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Redness and spots: darken without Deleting

To diffuse redness and pigmented lesions, which also can spoil the healthy glow, nothing worse than trying to hide them.

Better to blur, and add light. “Select pastel textures that lighten the skin,” explains Jérôme Sandevoir, Makeup advice Dr. Pierre Ricaud.

Both Texture is silky pastel is ideal.

BB or CC cream that you should choose?

BB is the opaque. It improves the Texture of the skin and illuminates the complexion. The CC is, however, brighter.

“A woman,” BB cream “, with the establishment it will do it in line.

“A woman” CC cream “can Shine and work with a Concealer or Foundation is key, its correct mistakes, and more”, says Jérôme Sandevoir.

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As day care is of Dr. Hauschka’s cream balm to highlight. The dry skin is sufficiently moisturized and at the same time the oily the facial region on the skin, is regulated. The high demands of combination skin, the cream just by skin back into balance. In addition, it prevents you from skin impurities and is anti-Inflammatory.

For the night can to Supplement the moisturizer Effaclar M by La Roche-Possay be used if you have a second product to purchase.

Once or twice a week should be a gentle exfoliation to on the program.

For ladies, offers Make-up for oily, shiny skin without Oil, so that excess sebum is absorbed and one does not, or only rarely Reapplication.

Men should once the moisturizer is Pure and Matt care from L’oreal a try, it’s for combination skin well and smells pleasant male.

With all the concern for the right composition of the skin care for Mischhäutige, one should not forget for adequate sun protection. This helps proven the aging of the skin, for example, the formation of wrinkles to slow down. Fortunately, included in many cosmetic products, including powder, already has a certain sun protection – make sure you but in their own interest, when buying cosmetics it

The combination skin in the Winter and summer

In the Winter, tends the skin tend to be dry, this is due to the lower humidity (at home due to the heat) favors.

In the summer, however, the shiny skin more obvious.
These seasonal fluctuations should be used with skin care not forget.

Skin care products for combination skin

While it was previously in fact, several articles for the care of combination skin use had to, so there are now products due to their composition on the entire skin surface can be applied. Only in particularly extreme problems with the combination skin is a separate maintenance is necessary.

With a mild Waschgel or a mild cleansing lotion should face in the morning and evening with warm water and a washcloth (to be lighter excess sebum to remove) to be cleaned.

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