How to sharpen the brain so that it is not easy to forget

How to sharpen the brain so that it is not easy to forget

Here I will post about the way that your memory is not easily lost despite your age already hundreds of years old, hehe

Lebay:-p you know no such thing as a brain if not ever create thinking he will be blunt, damaged trus deh. . hehe “like broken” aja electronic ups, but don’t worry as a hero (“whoa” hero) I will let you know the tips and ticknya so that you will not easily forget or commonly called senile.

Probably forgot it also occurred at PAL-PAL all because you guys never use the brain you guys for thinking, don’t be offended. . Hehe

But it is actually a forgetful it originally from cheating, often dreamy and often tired as a result of the mind are often empty and gradually the brain becomes blank, and other consequences you guys so hard to communicate with people because surely kalo gak talk
IYA:D kaaan

So bro as sentient human beings often – often honed tu brain let not blunt.
Okay directly aja bro. . Cekidot

The following tips and trick:
1. Select the spare time to think of things that you think are important, such as the morning and for the young ones are usually during the day
2. find the latest news or information, as with that your mind will not empty and usable also for you for getting information, also learning itung itung-kan bro
3. Write down the things that are most important of information you get, because if you take note of the terms of such information you will automatically remember the contents of that information though not completely memorized anyway
4. frequent-often read,
Because of frequent reading proved it can sharpen the brain memory bro, don’t be lazy to read because it could make the brain become lazy thinking
5. check writing,
When you don’t have a job for sure you starry-eyed and after direct definitely tired of sleeping, so from that moment of spare time bro make yourself become busy writing, anyway that’s also cool bro ko kalo familiar and usable again, for example writing an article.
6. listen to classical music,
because listening to music klasikik tu is beneficial to the brain so that the brain is more comfortable and relax.
7. a lot of exercise,
It turns out that exercise also affects the memory also bro, so not only for the health of the body, while exercising due alasanya oxygen supply to the body will increase drastically to the brain too and also neurotrofin will also rise which will merangsanp the brain’s memory.

Ya’ll the first sob, I tired nulisnya, you guys are too tired of reading, kan. . Hehe
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