Home Elegance 1 Floor: beautiful place

Home Elegance 1 Floor

The dining room opens on the house elegance simple will certainly make you spellbound. Even if your house is quite simple, you can use the garden behind the house as the dining room open. If the land were left behind very little, then you can assemble into a garden of dry elegance and put some pot plants decorated to make the atmosphere more asri and beautiful, like look at the example of home elegance 1st floor with dining room open following.
The example of the dining room open to a house simple

The example of the dining room open to a house simple (Realestate)

So, it’s not hard to not get the dining room with the shades open? You and your family can enjoy the atmosphere more fun when bersantap. Good try.

The design of the porch can you make more interesting and good grace if you have a bit more for the house with the type of bigger, like type 45 or type 60. You can design the design home elegance modern 1st floor 3 bedroom complete with a garden at the front and swimming pool in the area behind. The park behind can your magic be area to relax with patio elegance plus furniture, garden mini, and the dining room open.

Home Elegance 1 Floor beautiful place

Home Elegance Modern 1 Floor with Patio and Pool

Home elegance modern 1 floor has already become one of the best choice for a little family who wants to have a cot. A house like this fit because it has a room enough, the appearance eksterior modern, also the appearance of the interior of the elegance. The vastness of whatever enough to live a family notabene only have one or two children. So in one family only consists of 3 till 4 people

Front porch Home elegance modern 1st floor by the Pool

Front porch Home elegance modern 1st floor by the Pool (Rumahkecilminimalis)

Though the land that is available quite limited, you can still menyiasati pemanfaatannya so you don’t just get the 1 unit building, without a garden. The park is an element important to bring the atmosphere fresh in the area eksterior of the house. If the land available in front of the house enough, you can build one a little pond in front of my front porch. Here, you can enjoy the scenery of the afternoon commercial interruption the sound of water pond fresh and soothing.
Terrace house elegance with pool berdesain modern

Terrace house elegance with pool berdesain modern (Desainrumahminimalisterbaru)
Segarnya Home Elegance Modern 1st Floor By The Pool

Home elegance modern 1st floor can make with jasa rumah desain be a cot a beautiful if You can maximize the function of the green area has been provided, including the replenishment of the pool adjacent with a front porch. Around the pool, You can plant plants and flowers so that the view ahead is more natural and asri, either directly in the ground or use the media pot. You can also add one tree bigger so it can be peneduh for the fish-small fish nan beautiful in the pond.
Design the patio with furniture wood, facing to the pool

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