Healthy foods to increase Blood, penambah darah terbaik

10 healthy foods to increase Blood-blood is an important component in our bodies, because the blood will deliver nutrients to cells. Due to someone who is less then the blood cells lack nutrients, less blood is usually known as anemia. Causes of anemia can be varied because of keurangan blood-forming nutrients such as iron and vitamin B12 or kidney conditions a person is impaired.

Healthy foods to increase Blood, penambah darah terbaik

Healthy foods to increase Blood

Kidney function in addition to mersekresi, filter and kidney merabsorsi also serves to generate the eritropoitin where the eritopoitin useful to stimulate the formation of red blood cells. Usually people with anaemia have symptoms such as weakness, fatigue and lethargy. The following is a list of healthy foods that can increase your blood:

1. Fruits
Fruits that could add to the Makanan Penambah darah Terbaik of which is as follows raisins and grapes, apples, melon, Orange and lime green bits, fruit, prune, plum, etc.

2. Meat
The meat is rich in protein besides meat also contains iron, in 100 grams of beef contains 2.8 mg

3. Whole Wheat
Whole wheat bread containing iron is great, besides having the function of preventing heart disease and cancer.

4. Fish
One of fish containing iron is a Rabbitfish Fish. Besides sardines also contains 2.5 mg of iron per 100 grams. Salmon is the main source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. And don’t forget one more i.e tuna.
5. Corn
Corn is rich in iron and copper. Corn also be good sources for vitamin A and c.

6. Nuts
Some types of nuts can add blood are peanuts, soy beans, green beans lentils and almonds.

7. Raisins
Raisins contain iron which is very high. Raisins are also a food that is alkaline and can help overcome the body’s acid conditions

8. Egg yolk
How to overcome anaemia with mengomsumsi you can poach egg 1 egg yolk chicken along with 60 grams of red onion and mix water to taste after that, then eaten or consumed regularly twice a day regularly.

9. Vegetables
Ubi is a recommended food consumption because of the sweet potato is the best natural remedy for increasing the number of red blood cells. In addition, some other vegetables recommended were: cauliflower and broccoli, mustard greens, spinach, kangkung, red bean, katuk leaves, potatoes, turnips, etc.

10. Cereals
Food is often served for the breakfast menu is very good for health. ¾ Cup cereal contains 18 mg of iron. While 100 grams of instant oatmeal contains 11 mg of iron.

Foods to increase Blood

Less blood condition in addition to the nutrition factor also due to disruption of kidney health, so to take care of your kidneys then eat foods that can prevent kidney problems, in addition there is a practical way to mecegah kidney damage with drinking water. Hopefully my post above about 10 healthy foods to increase blood could be useful for you.

Thus a list of 10 Foods to supplement the blood as the main solution to address the problem of anemia (a lack of blood). But for those of you who have a problem of blood shortage of women’s health at a high level, we recommend that you add with some blood Enhancer supplements or consult the doctor directly to the experts.

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