Function Food sources that contain Vitamin E

Function Food sources that contain Vitamin E

Vitamin E has another name tocopherols, i.e. type of vitamins are chemically soluble in fat body so as to make the body more healthy if his daily vitamin E intake are met every day. One example is the role of vitamin E in the body is to give protection to the body’s immune system so that it cannot easily infected with toxins such as air pollution, premenstrual syndrome, cataract, diseases of the nervous system and diabetes.

A the conditions that indicate a deficiency of vitamin E body including evoke some symptoms such as follows:
Low libido
Dry skin and dull
Babies born prematurely with a weight below normal and are prone to anemia
The brain is hard to concentrate
Can cause eye minus
Make someone’s risk of developing heart disease and cancer

If the body diasup by vitamin E in excess amounts can cause the body to become unhealthy conditions, for example, lead to excessive bleeding and menstruasii. In addition to that already described above that this vitamin to its laruk in the fat, then if an excess can also make You poisoning.

Food sources that contain Vitamin E

No escape from its responsibility to ensure the body stay healthy for sure you also would like to know from anywhere the body get intake this instead? tocopherols

2, the following I will serve some foods that are a source of vitamin E which is ready stock!

1. Almonds

Measure the nutritional form of vitamin E per 100 grams almonds totaled 16.3 milligrams. You are encouraged to devour the almonds in the raw state as the number of their subjects more or at least you can try it out in the form of oil and milk.

2. Whole grains

There are several types of grains that very much keep IE vitamin E sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Among these three types of these seeds give You 90.5% of the daily nutritional needs of vitamin E with measure 1/4 glasses, namely sunflower seeds.

3. Spinach

These vegetables are also high in antioxidants keep along with vitamin e. calcium and folic acid is also one of the essential nutrients that have been embedded in these vegetables.

4. Vegetable oils

Other sources of vitamin E is derived from the grain is wheat germ oil, which is the vegetable oil with the highest content of vitamin E.

5. Papaya

Papaya fruit as well as vitamin E and vitamin C are needed by the body to maintain health and provide immune on the immune system. One papaya fruit roughly store vitamin E which is able to meet the daily nutritional needs 17% of you.

Functions Of Vitamin E For The Body

The role of vitamin E for other specific bodies such as the following:

1. Vitamin E provide defense on moisture in the skin so that it cannot easily reduced.
2. Many women who claim that this tocopherol helps the body to reduce the occurrence of hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms are reduced.
3. Vegetable oil is a source of vitamin E which is needed by the food to keep him fresh tidakcepat stale (as natural preservatives is good if it is absorbed by the body).
4. Protect vitamin A in foods from oxidation.
5. Provide relief for sufferers of diabetes with insulin performance upgrades its ways and metolisme glucose in the blood to alleviate oxidative stress.
6. On some of the research conducted by experts in a country that uses animals as objects that are researched expose that vitamin E helps animals from within to reduce the occurrence of lung damage caused by air pollution.

So that the lid remains healthy, actually the vitamins alone is not enough. It took some other activities you have to do to make the condition of the body stay fit, for example, coupled with exercise every morning and eat nutritious sumber protein food.

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