food that can suport our blood

Food Penambah Blood. Of red blood cells or eritrosit to be component an important role as a drug dealer oxygen to every tissue of the body. The amount of eritrosit in the body have to be balanced, shouldn’t be too more or less. Berkurangnya of red blood cells resulting in disease, anemia or less blood or low blood.
food that can suport our blood
Low blood or anemia is a condition in which the production of red blood cells or protein, the bonding of oxygen and karbondioksida (hemoglobin) is under the amount of normal. The body will give response of this disorder, for example fast tired, pale, and dizzy after sitting too long.

Food Penambah Blood

Anemia happens lantaran lack of minerals like substances iron, acid folat, and some vitamins like A, B12, and C. as for the cause of anemia other like bleeding excessively when menstruating, women will be vulnerable exposed of anemia, what body not enough to keep the substance iron.

How to overcome anemia most easy is by consuming food penambah blood, either from among the vegetables, beans, seafood, fruit, and much more. The following food penambah low blood very effective to increase the amount of red blood cells in the body.

Food Penambah Blood From The Fruit
First, You can double the consumption of fruit containing vitamins A, C, or B complex (especially B12). What fruitĀ  that buah penambah blood does that mean?

1. Orange
Fruit orange are famous with the womb vitamin C. the Vitamin is able to recopy of red blood cells in the body, very good to the suffering from anemia. There’s also the womb other in orange, like fiber, acid folat, and antioksidan.

2. Tomato
Tomato menggandeng two vitamins directly, namely A and C. For those of You who are diabetic, in a day, try consumption a fruit tomatoes as much as one until the two pieces.

3. Mango
In mangoes stored for as much as 60 mg of vitamin C, they almost make ends meet vitamin daily adults. Fruit mango is very suitable to be bufavo suffering from anemia, in addition to restore his condition the body is also getting stronger because the womb antioksidannya role as peningkat the immune system.

4. Jambu Seeds
The amount of saturation is vitamin C which help in multiplying the production of red blood cells in the fruit jambu seeds two times more than an orange, but rarely find out. Fruit this can also treat dysentery, . You can take a peek of the article khasiat fruit jambu seeds.

5. Apple
The benefits for an apple one of them is curing the disease of anemia, there’s actually not too. But because high would vitamin C, the fruit of the apple into advice appropriate to a less blood.

6. Jiblonkas
The fruit is famous with his ability to organise pooping, dealing with the CHAPTER in traffic, and interference channels digest another. Actually, fruit jiblonkas also good for those suffering from anemia. Because of the fruit it contains two saturation required by the low blood, which is vitamin C and acid folat.

7. Strawberries
Just like fruit jiblonkas are transporting two saturation that is needed by the body the less blood, is the vitamin C and vitamin B9 (acid folat). So, You don’t have to hesitate to eat fruit is sometimes it’s a little humourlessly this acid.

8. Fruit Dragon
According to the population of China, the fruit dragons can give good luck and bring blessings. Although the fruit is not believed to be completely can help with anemia, but because it’s become one source of vitamin A fruit this dinobatkan as the fruit penambah blood.

9. Cane
The public not knowing the true cane that is included in the family fruit or a vegetable or what? No problem cane from among what, obviously this plant become a snack favorite that were devoted to women’s anemia. From the results of the research, the womb most in it is the substance of the iron, that’s why cane’s included in the food penambah blood.

Fruit penambah blood other

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