Beautiful Beach Island Derawan Kaltim

Beautiful Beach Island Derawan Kaltim

One sightseeing the beautiful region of Borneo East is down the beach on the island of Derawan. In the last few years this place sticking out as one of the prima donna vacation to the beach exotic in Indonesia. An interesting well from the park the sea with coral space is beautiful, the sand is white soft and of course the cruiser the island charming, which makes the region of the islands is very alluring. The beauty is that it can be explored? How to get to the object? And where is it located? The following reviews interesting can be guidance for you who want to vacation to the region of Derawan in Kaltim.

Beautiful Beach Island Derawan Kaltim

derawanAdapun the beauty of the coast of Derawan that you can enjoy coverage of the activities of diving or snorkeling. Review captivity Turtle Scales and Green, jellyfish tame as well as biota other including the reefs beauty is the primary that you can enjoy. Special jellyfish breed that is often served by the media television was in the lake Kakaban. There are 4 islands which is quite popular, namely Derawan, Maratua, Kakaban and Sangalaki. Four of them went in the district Berau (this is where usually the club you’re staying). We recommend you take a package tour complete the many provided by the travel agent. Because if you want private, then the costs are borne into swelling especially cost around kepualauan beautiful this is with a motor boat.

the islands of derawan berauJalur are widely used by tourists from outside Borneo is by using the plane via Sepinggan Balikpapan, and disambung with a small plane to the airport Kalimarau in Berau. Currently on stage of the development of the airport in Berau to can disinggahi plane are wide. And the alternative is via Tarakan that disambung with speed boat. Alternative last this is going to cost quite high and time travel your way to the island Derawan becomes longer. As soon as at the airport, your journey still continue with the use of a car (a taxi) to Capes Rocks to cross over to the islands of the exotic with the use of speed boat. Besides around Berau, in the region of the islands is also a lot of available runs a resort and hotel. Advice best, bermalamlah more than 2 days in this area so travel your vacation to be complete to visit sightseeing the beach in Berau.

If you want to learn the layout of the island Derawan with beach sand putihnya charming, please learn through the map below. Object this is the place tour to your visit in Borneo. Happy holidays to you and your family.

A visit to the island of Borneo synonymous with exploring the place tour of nature that is very natural. The area known as the wilderness is very lush this save a lot of view to pull the baby to miss. All over the island well in Borneo the north, west, south, east and the middle section has the attraction and potential tourist who didn’t lose a compared to region other. Not only the mainland, some of the sea and the beach in this area too much that can be explored. The following places can be object in your vacation.

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