6 list of Sharing Blog Posts To increase Traffic

Just apply on fast moving objects such as waterfalls or animals that were running, and find the right position for you. Your mobile phone may be located in a high, then lompatlah in front of him that you recorded. Rest assured it will look more cool.
4. Selfie Undercover

Selfie this one is different from the usual selfie are blatantly taking your picture as an object. But in selfie posing, you did make such regular selfie position but the difference in selfie posing there are two objects that is you and the object in front of you.

His name is also the object of selfie posing, here you are posing as a shadow object that is behind the object. Despite the disguise, it is actually the focus of the picture is you. While the object is in front of you is simply the object of distraction or engineering.
5. Burst Mode

In the #kamera, features burst mode is also often present. You can use this mode feature to determine your best point of view. In a fraction of a second take of about eleven images or more. After that you can look back on the results of the photo above to determine which one is best.
6. Panoramic Mode
6 list of Sharing Blog Posts To increase Traffic
With panoramic mode on the camera, you can also generate an interesting photo. Do I hold your mobile phone with the stable while slowly menggerakannya follow the indicated red line to your mobile phone. Although these tips may require a lot of exercise, but if you try it, you will get a very good picture.

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7. the Alternative point of view

This last one, tips for photographing themselves to travel is to take a bloger photos with alternative viewpoints. This technique is very interesting and has now also started “the travel bloggers. Here’s how you can selfie by taking pictures of the back of the face or the side of the face, or part of your face. That way, you’ll gain a better vantage point.

Want to become a Viral Blog articles in Social Media? Try Following These 5 Tips

viral social media

It looks like #blogging activity at this time would be very difficult separated by social media. The effectiveness of social media would indeed be very much help the bloggers in an effort to promote or popularize blog. By disseminating the content of postings to social media, then you will be a great opportunity to make Your blog articles into a viral (scattered with spacious and popular) so it will make your blog a lot of known people.

But in order to make article blogs become viral, you need some tips for running it. And then as to whether the tips to make article blogs become viral on social media? Following his review.

1. write Original content

The first tip to make viral social #media in articles is to write articles that are not original or copy-paste the alias copas (copas). Article copas certainly will fail to be viral because original articles that there would be more viral and already known to many people.

And when you do try it out and share it at copas social media viral in hopes you will be rejected because they already know the netizen articles original first viral.

In another sense, you easily caught if there have been doing copy paste. When caught, then others would be lazy to read the article and share Your copasan results. Instead of becoming viral, generally the article results of copasan will sink in the ocean floor the Google search engine.

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